My Life Changing Event



Hello everyone, my name is Brandon and I'm an affiliate marketer.  Thanks to the income from affiliate marketing I have been able to travel and not have to worry about my next paycheck.

(Here is a picture of me holding a baby lion in Japan)

Now this was a picture that was taken last year.  Now you might ask yourself why am I showing you a picture of something that I took last year.  This is because this is where my story of how I became an affiliate marketer began.  Ever since my high school days it had always been a dream of mine to go and live in Japan.  I worked hard after I graduated university, I even got a TESL certificate to ensure that I would be a cut above the rest when applying for jobs overseas as I wanted to become an ESL instructor.  My dream finally came true and I landed my first job in Japan.  The first half of the year was great.  I suppose it was because I was still in the ” oh my gosh, I'm in a new country” phase.  However, after that, reality started to sink in and that is when it happened.

The Realization

You see, I met a special person while working abroad.  Now you have probably have heard this story before…… a guy falls in love with a girl and wants to give her the life that she deserves (a cliche I know) but I wanted to create a future for the both of us.  However, working  as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in Japan, the pay was far below standard and was already hard scraping by each month….I couldn't imagine how I would be able to help support another person if I could barely support myself.   This is when I realized if I wanted to create the life that I wanted for the both of us that I would have to do something about it.  This was when my way of thinking began to change.


The First Voyage: To go where No Brandon Has Gone Before

You see, I knew I had to do something to change my situation; however, although I knew I wanted to do something about it I had no idea where to start.  I talked to my teaching buddies and they offered the same advice.  They told me to “Go tutor on the side” and while this was not a horrible idea I knew this meant I would just be working hard and not smart.

Now tutoring is a noble profession; however, it can take a large amount of time if you want to put together a quality, individualised lesson for your student. Not only that, but you have to coordinate with your student and find a time where it works for both of you and even then sometimes they will reschedule and you are on their clock. So  I wanted to do something where I would still be doing work but my time would be payed 2 times or 3 times over and I would be in charge of my time and how I spent it.  That is how I came across affiliate marketing.


Taking The Leap Of Faith Into The Unknown

After researching how to make money online I came across affiliate marketing.  The concept seemed simple enough… you promote other products or services and you get paid for it, EASY right?


With all the different programs and information out there I was overwhelmed by all the information that was out there.  In short, I didn't know where to begin.  There were so many programs offering the secrets to “MAKE $10,000 IN A WEEK” or “BECOME A MILLIONARE WITHIN A YEAR”  and honestly I didn't know what to believe.  I was going crazy trying to determine what was actual information and what was fake.  I told my family and friends about my aspirations; however, although they seemed supportive they seemed doubtful of my success in this new career path that I wanted to take.    Unfortunately…I let their decisions affect me the end I couldn't decide on a direction and ended up doing NOTHING about my situation for another four months.




It was like wanting to go in the deep end of the pool before you knew how to even swim.   Then I FINALLY DECIDED to do something about it.  This was thanks to my one student I was helping to prepare for a speech contest.  She kept telling me about how scared and confused she was and I could see it in her eyes that this was true……the DIFFERENCE was that she continued past her fears, past her doubts and still kept trying.  Her actions took over and although she didn't end placing in the speech contest she gained something even more valuable, she gained CONFIDENCE and the willingness to go forward. Thanks to her I picked myself up and decided to go for it 100% no excuses.


Where I am today

Now, although I'm not a millionaire and I may not be making a 6 figure income YET, I am earning enough to be able to take vacations, save money and go to nice restaurants.  My story is not a story of becoming rich… it is a story about going past what you are to what you can become, it is an ever changing story that has no clear ending and while the end is unknown it is one where constant…..YOU.

If you take anything else away from my story it should be that there will always be people who tell you to quit or that you are no good including yourself. DON'T listen to those voices, DON'T let them win.  Just because they are stuck in their way of life DOESN'T mean you have to do the same.  LOSERS will stick with LOSERS and WINNERS will stick with WINNERS.  So you have to ask yourself which side do you want to be on? Stick with the people who make your life better, who add meaning to it, when you do that and believe in yourself nothing can stop you.

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