Affiliate content profit app system review 2021

What is the Affiliate Content Profits App System?

The Affiliate Content Profits App System is a simple way to share other peoples content on your favorite social media sites while inserting your own affiliate offer directly inside the other person's content. So when they are viewing the content that you are sharing (like a blog post) then click on your affiliate offer (whether it's a digital offer like from Clickbank or a physical product like from Amazon) and take action you get paid for it!

You can think of it like this…

Imagine if you were watching the movie Avengers and then Iron Man comes on and tells you directly how you can get your very own Iron Man Suit in middle of the movie simply by entering this code on your cell phone. Well I'm sure a lot of people… like 99% of the people would take that action in order to get an Iron Man Suit…

Even though this message interrupted your movie experience you would be happy that it did because you would gain something valuable out of it, which in this case is a sweet Iron Man Suit. So the Affiliate Content Profit App System is like Iron Man…

Except instead of getting an Iron Man Suit they will be getting your valuable offer that you are promoting…

Who created The Affiliate Content Profits App System?

The internet marketer Patric Chan an online marketing millionaire, best selling author  and the creator of the Affiliate Content Profit System. 

He realized that since people love to share what they find interesting he found a way for people to profit from this by just  sharing what they like.

How does the Affiliate Content Profits App system work?

So how the Affiliate Content Profits App System works is pretty straightforward…

Step 1: Find Content On The Internet That You Think People Will Like

    For example, if I’m interested in hunting I can find an article talking about the best guns to hunt with.

Step 2: Find an affiliate offer that would be a good fit for the content that you want to share

   Like in the above example, since we are talking about hunting a good product to promote would be something to do with hunting.  Like quality hunting clothes or maybe the best hunting knife.  You can find these products on affiliate sites like ebay affiliates or amazon affiliates. 

An easy way to find a good affiliate offer for the content you are sharing is just typing (insert topic)+ (affiliate program) on Google and you will get a ton of search options to choose from. 

Step 3: Create Your Profile Avatar

Now that you have chosen what piece of content you want to share and an affiliate offer to embed within the content then you are ready to create your profile!

You first need to create your profile avator. This is basically the same kind of deal of when you sign up to Facebook or any social media site, essentially it’s your profile.  So it’s what other people will see when they interact with your affiliate offer. So choose a profile name, you could use your own name or use any user name you want. Next you should upload a picture of yourself in order to create more trust with the user. Just make sure the picture is appropriate for whatever content you are sharing.

 For example, if I’m sharing an article about hunting but I set my profile of myself holding a sign saying “I’m a vegan” then that would not be a conflicting message.  So make sure that your profile picture is appropriate!

So like here the profile name is what is shown along with a picture of myself.  Which is why it’s better to use your name like “Brandon” than it is to use a user name like “fluffy cat89”.  By showing that you are a real person they will trust you more which means they are more likely to interact with your offer.

Once you have finished making your profile avatar all that is left is to create your campaign and start sharing!

Step 4: Create Your Campaign


First: Give a name for your campaign. 

So if I’m wanting to promote content about hunting I could call my campaign “Best Resource For Hunting”

Second: Have a description for your campaign

This is basically like a memo for yourself. Going on the above example my campaign is about hunting, but I’m specifically promoting high quality clothes for hunting…

Well I can make that memo in the description box so I know exactly what my campaign is about.

Third: Create your message and call to action

Now when creating your message it is all about curiousity.  You want your message to entice the person reading the content to click your offer and the best way to do this is by making them curious.  So using the hunting example you could say something like…

“The best water resistant tactile rain jacket that top hunters swear by ”

Then in the call to action section you would do some kind of call to action to get the user to click on whatever offer you are promoting…

A call to action could be something as simple as “ Learn More”

4th: Insert your affiliate link

This is where you would insert your affiliate link from the affiliate program you signed up for earlier and want to promote.

Step 5: Create a new shareable link and start sharing

So here you add the title of what you want to share.  This is what will show on your social media sites of the piece of content you are sharing. I recommend using the title of whatever content you are sharing.  So if the content you are sharing about is called “Best Deer Rifles”  Then your title should also be “ Best Deer Rifles”

Finally input the actual link to the content that you found in the content URL section. Then under the campaign tab choose the campaign you made earlier and select it. Finally under the message section use the same message that you made in your campaign in the previous steps.

Finally, create and share your new link

Share this link and whenever someones engages with your offer you will get paid!

The final product when they click on your link will look  like this

So whenever they click on your offer on the learn more button they will automatically be taken to your affiliate link where you can make a profit…

In Depth Walkthrough

Benefits of the Affiliate Content Profits App System

  • Don’t have to blog or create content: Ok so this system is great because you don’t need to create any content which means you can just focus on sharing and get paid for it.
  • You don’t need to  invest in expensive tools: So you don’t have to invest in  hosting for websites or training because everything is already provided for you inside the system for free.
  • You don’t need to create products yourself : All you do is just promote other people’s products and get paid for it.
  • The system is FREE to use: Which means  you can get started using it right away without breaking the bank.
  • Freedom: Unlike a traditional 9-5 job  you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars just by sharing  other peoples content with no investment and no risk to losing your job, having to play office politics or dealing with a toxic workplace. So whether you want to do this full time or part time it's up to you but either way you can still make money online using this system simply by sharing.

Drawbacks of the Affiliate Content Profits System

  • You can’t use this with video platforms:  Unfortunately you can’t insert your affiliate offer inside of video based platforms like Youtube… but considering it’s Youtube that is to be expected.  So you can only share blogs and content based websites. 
  • You can only create one profile per account: Unfortunately if you want to create different profile avatars then you will need to create a separate account if you want to use a different profile for your offers. But the good thing is that the number of accounts you can make is unlimited so you can just log into another account and get started.
  • The Free Bonus Course  Isn’t Exactly Relevant: While the initial training is great in showing you how to use this system, the “free course” that is offered as a bonus within the system focuses on something different that doesn’t help with this specific system but still helps you find different methods to share on social media.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great resources for anyone who is looking to share content that they would share regardless and wants to make money while doing it.  Despite it’s limitations regarding sharing video on video platforms it is a solid resource to use if you are serious about wanting to make money online…

Again just share content someone else already made, then when they click on your affiliate offer within the content and take action you can get paid, it's super simple and easy to use…

So let me know in the comments section down below what you think about this system and if you know anyone who wants to make money online just by sharing then please share this article with them.


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9 Replies to “Affiliate Content Profits App System Review”

  1. Sounds like a good product to invest in to get traffic to you website. This is the first time I have heard of this system but at least it is worth giving a try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the update on this product. I had never heard of it before. It seems like an okay way for a beginner to get going but I enjoy creating my own content and products to offer as well as learning to implement the different aspects of internet marketing without the shortcuts. All the Best.

  3. Hi

    Thank you for your review on Affiliate content profit app system. It is my first time coming across this app system and I must admit that I have really learnt a lot. your illustration of movie Avengers and Iron man suit is top notch. it made me understand the principle instantly. I often go through a lot of review for a particular thing before I get to the one that understand. However yours is so straight forward and I would like to commend you for that.

    About Affiliate content profit app system, your step by step walkthrough is quiet helpful and really simplified. The system seems to be a good one. I believe as long as one finds the right content and the right affiliate offer that fits the content, the results would be super. It is worth giving it a try i believe

    Thank you



  4. I have never heard about The Affiliate Content Profits App. But, I have to admit that the concept behind this tool is very interesting. Your article is very informative. I think that this platform can be very useful. But you will have to learn the affiliate marketing basics to make this tool work to the highest level.

  5. I am currently someone who is trying to get better at affiliate marketing. I have not quite started yet but I am learning quite a bit about it. I have run into this website from doing all this research, and I must admit that this website really goes in depth with everything that I feel that I need to know about affiliate marketing. The programs you offer some amazing and I definitely want to be involved in them

  6. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with online marketing and posts like this are extremely helpful. I was reading a bit before about Affiliate Content Profit program and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. But looking on your review it seems as a great starting point for all beginners to increase traffic and in results earnings. Looking forward to test it in practice.

  7. This is pretty neat. Definitely would be a great way for people with a lot of followers to make some bank. If you don’t have many followers eh… probably not so much? It’s kinda like affiliate marketing lite or something. Not for me but sure, I can see how people could make a lot of money with it.

  8. It is amazing how many new products come on the market tied to affiliate marketing. That is a mouthful to say. “Affiliate Content Profits App System” . It looks like it has some nice features. I like making money from affiliate marketing. Thanks for taking the time to introduce it and providing a review. I first thought it was a plugin but then noticed it is a stand alone system. That is a nice option for those that don’t have the time to build a website.

  9. Hi there and thanks for the great info. I find the affiliate Content Profits App System a great program. To be honest with you I am always cautious with online products and money-making ideas. However, your detailed and honest presentation convinced me that this tool works. In fact, it is a brilliant idea. Right now I am on the lookout for money-making opportunities and I will give it a go.

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