Hey so the age old question that man has pondered since the beginning of time… Are affiliate links allowed on youtube.  Well I have finally found the answer to this age old question.  The answer is simply this…

Yes, affiliate links are allowed on Youtube; however, they are only allowed in a certain place. 

That place is in the description box…

So if you are planning on using affiliate links on Youtube there are three core concepts that will determine whether or not people actually purchase from you!  So if you want to know how to get people not to only click on your affiliate link but purchase whatever service or product are promoting you will want to read until the end.

Ok so secret number 1…

#1 Engage Your Audience throughout Your Video

Now this is extremely important in order to get your audience in the right mindset.  You want them to do small gestures that confirm that they agree with you.  For example, you could say something like “If you think so too then push that like button”  or “Comment ice cream if you love ice cream too”. By getting them to do a small action in the beginning or middle of your video they will be more likely to take action at the end of the video when you eventually ask them to click on your affiliate link.

#2.  Offer Bonuses

Ok, everyone loves free stuff.  For example, when you buy a new high def TV and the store says you get a free surround sound system with your purchase well you just can’t say no to a deal like that. 

Likewise, when you want someone to purchase something from you, you want to give them a bonus that will blow their mind so it’s a no brainer to purchase whatever you are promoting and get these awesome bonuses.  That bonus can range from a free report to video training courses or seminars. 

When you do offer a bonus though make sure that the total cost should be of equal value or greater to whatever you are promoting.  So if you are promoting a blender for example worth $30.  Then you want to also promote a bonus that you believe worth to be at least $30 as well, like a cook book or an audio book for example. 

#3 Avoid Risk

If you want someone to purchase something from you, you have to steer them away from the mindset of “this guy is trying to screw me”.  In other words you need some kind of guarantee in order for them to purchase from you.

For example, a 30 day money back guarantee or something along those lines.  You have to make your potential customer feel that they won’t be scammed and the best way to do this is having a money back guarantee or a free trial of the service or product.

And there you have it.  The three things you will need if you want someone to purchase from you.  Now let me know in the comment section down below which one you think is the most important. 

Final Thoughts

Also, if you want to put your video in front of a large audience then you need to be able to rank your Youtube videos at the top of the search results.  Because let’s face it, the majority of viewers are given to those videos ranking at the top. 

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So if you are serious about Youtube then you need this tool.  And since you watched until the end as a bonus I’m going to give you an awesome bonus…

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Finally, let me know in the comments section down below what kind of niche you are in on Youtube and how you will be using affiliate links in your business.

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