CB Passive Income 5.0 Review: The Truth(2020)

Hey everyone, welcome to my CB Passive Income 5.0 review.  CB Passive Income is a legitimate affiliate marketing system which of course has pros and cons just like any other online product.

This is my personal review so you can see the details of the program, how it works and if it is a good fit for you.

In this review, you can read how exactly it works and what you can expect if you decide to take action.

First, who is Patric Chan?

Now who is the man behind this titan of a marketing system that is CB Passive Income?  Well that would be Patric Chan, a world-class internet marketer and ClickBank super affiliate from Singapore. His story from going from rags to riches has motivated and inspired thousands of people to take responsibility around the world to become  entrepreneurs.   He is a best-selling author and has worked directly with digital giants such as Google and IBM.

What Is CB Passive Income 5.0?

CB Passive Income 5.0 is an affiliate marketing system created by the ClickBank super star Patric Chan. With this done for you system, he gives all the tools, resources and training that you need to be successful in the online marketing world.  Whether you are just beginning your journey in the online marketing space or are a seasoned veteran, CB Passive Income is designed to do all the heavy lifting, meaning the only thing you need to worry about is to drive traffic.

CB Passive Income is a high gravity Clickbank product (best selling). It was one of the top products on ClickBank for the last few years and I wouldn’t be surprised if it became the most popular ClickBank product.

I have bought and tried many Clickbank products.  Unfortunately, the majority of them didn’t live up to their promises and many of them just seemed downright scammy… However, CB Passive Income is a legit one. Many top dogs in the online marketing industry have partnered with Patric and promoted his products. I have personally bought this product and have found the tools, resources and training to be extremely valuable.

Ok…here is the deal.  Most people who start out in online marketing think that it’s too complicated and that only a few “elite people” can be successful with it.  Here is the truth though, if you follow the training and use the resources effectively then you can be one of those quote on quote “elite people”.  Stay focused, put in 110% effort and take action and you will see results.

The great part is that Patric has already created all the high converting landing pages, funnels, and resources (such as webinars, pdf files and other software) for you to use to your advantage! He wants to make it as easy as possible for you to start earning money online.  For this reason, Patric created CB Passive Income which is an awesomely  super simple program to get started online. I believe that anyone who has a computer and a connection to the internet can use this system. So now that you know what it is let’s take a look at how it works.

How Does It Work?

Ok since this is basically a 100% autopilot system the downside is that you don’t control every aspect of your business.  This is because CB Passive Income is responsible for a couple of things.

This is the breakdown of how the CB Passive Income 5.0 works:

  • You send traffic to a landing page that is created by CB Passive Income.
  • The landing pages are all professionally made and offer bonuses to entice your visitors to give you their email.
  • If the visitors give their email address they then get the bonus and after they receive follow up emails and offers from Patric Chan which includes your affiliate link.
  • When they buy something, you earn a commission.

The great thing is that you don’t have to spend the time to create any of this!  If you were to do this by yourself you would have to make your own landing pages, test them to make sure that they convert (which can get pretty expensive) and also create your own bonuses and products.  This would cost you both a ton of time and money. However, with this system, all you need to do is send traffic to the high converting landing pages and bam you are done.

This is why I personally think that this is the best part of the system:

You only have to focus your attention on one thing…traffic.  Just get targeted traffic and get really good at bringing in traffic and you are set.  The best part is that Patric teaches you how to get traffic when you sign up.

However, when you are dealing with traffic it is all a numbers game.  So you do have to bring in a fair bit of traffic if you want to consistently earn commissions.  Make sure the traffic you are bringing in is quality traffic or else you might not make any sales at all. For this reason, you have to do your due diligence.

Finally, if you don’t want the trouble of driving traffic then you do have the option to outsource your traffic to Patric Chan himself.  By essentially giving him a budget he will drive traffic to your offers for you!  So all you have to do is sit back and relax.  However, this option is limited so you have to act fast if you want a 100% autopilot system.

In order to get results from this program, you have to trust the system and be consistent. So, it’s on you to make the CB Passive Income system work for you.

What’s Included Inside The Program?

In Depth Look Into CB Passive Income 5.0

When you get on the members’ area, the layout is simple and concise. Inside he shows you the general concepts of online marketing, how to implement it and how to utilize the system to its full potential.

You can find two steps:

Part One: You will set up your CB Passive Income profile. Here the most important thing is to fill in your Clickbank ID. Without a Clickbank account, you will not receive commissions. It’s free to create and available in many countries.

Part Two: After setting up your profile, you can get your links and start sending traffic to your landing pages.

TRAFFIC TRAINING: 3 Ways To Drive Traffic

Ok, while there are many different ways to drive traffic these are the three main ways he talks about in his training.

Solo Advertising:

It’s a super simple and easy way to get started because all you need is to find internet markets in your niche and ask them if they will send your email to their email list. The great thing about solo advertising is that it is highly targeted traffic and unlike other traffic sources such as Facebook Ads you know exactly how much you are paying per click.

Inside the training you will also receive a 35 page PDF ebook on solo advertising. The ebook is unique and included great training that covers all the aspects of this method.

Patric also mentions this in the PDF book but if you are wanting to find quality solo ads I recommend using Udimi. The best part is that they guarantee you quality clicks so you know that they legitimate. You can check out Udimi here and receive $5 off of your first solo ad.

Bing Ads:

Bing is the second biggest search engine in the world. So many online marketers love Bing Ads. In the training, you can find two in depth 30 minute training videos about how to use Bing Ads the right way.

Free Youtube Traffic Training:

For those who do not want to spend money to send traffic on their landing pages, Youtube is the way to go.  Youtube gets a ton of traffic and it is easier to rank videos than it is to rank articles on the major search engines. Also, if you are camera shy there are strategies that you can use without showing your face while still making amazing content.

Who Is CB Passive Income For?

CB Passive Income 5.0 is great for those who are just starting out and also for people who are not willing to create content and build their own websites and landing pages.

If you are more experienced and want to collect the emails of your subscribers you can add the emails of your subscribers to your autoresponder automatically with Inbox Pro Version.  This is an upgrade and does cost some money but this means that your leads email is automatically added to your email list.  Also with the Inbox Pro you also get access to additional in depth training that focuses on how to build the perfect email marketing campaign and gives you more than 50 different templates that you can use to create your own.

For some beginners, this is exactly what they are looking for. They do not have to worry about the technical issues and copywriting. However, some people want complete control of their business. All  business models have pros and cons so it’s up to you to decide if this is for you.

If you are a more experienced marketer, you will probably want to create your own landing page and autoresponder emails. However, since the experienced marketer already knows how to drive quality traffic they can just do that and let the commissions come rolling in.  So whether you are a beginner or more experienced, both can benefit from this system.

How Much Does It Cost?

So to the starting price to get the system is $47 per month or $497(which is a one time fee), to  get everything that is mentioned in this review. There are some upsells which help expedite the process to get commissions but you don’t necessarily need them. The features that are available as upsells are the following:

Inbox Pro Version:

This feature will enable to connect your CB Passive Income account with your autoresponder. The great thing about this is that you can automatically add your leads email to your auto responder without having to manually upload them.  Also they give some awesome bonuses such which include:

  • 107 email marketing messages
  • Live demonstration of how to create a successful email campaign
  • How to become a credible leader within your emails
  • Concept Campaigning: Why concepts not keywords are they key to success
  • The proprietary Product Launch Formula

Mass Bot Profits:

An automated chatbox to promote digital products on Facebook Messenger. If Facebook is your game then this is for you.

Internet To Income Insider:

With this upsell, you can receive emails from Patric Chan about opportunities in the internet marketing world. If you have purchased the 5.0 version of the program, you can get this upsell for free. For the users who have bought a previous version, there is an extra cost.

In summary, although there are upsells you will not see any surprises inside. Yes, there are upsells but you don’t need them to make this system work. You can get results without them. They are helpful if you want to make commissions faster.

The great thing about this system is that there is there is a 60-day money back guarantee. So if you don’t make any commissions within 60 days or if you just don’t like the look of it… you can get a 100% refund.

This guarantee is provided by ClickBank so you can be sure that this is legitimate.

Pros and Cons


  • Legit Program: This is the fifth version of the program. Many affiliate marketers have bought and tried it in the past. The fact that it is still around is a testament to its legitimacy. The resources are professional and the in depth training is extremely practical.
  • The Brand: Patric Chan’s reputation is a strong reason why you should consider to give it a try. He is an online marketing superstar who has appeared in many publications, conferences and books. He knows what he is talking about and has proven results in the online marketing world.
  • Beginner Friendly: The program was created to help beginners to get results. As a result of this, you will be responsible only for the traffic. With ready to go high converting landing pages, sales funnels, sales copy and follow-up emails all being done for you there is no reason not to try this.
  • In Depth Training: Inside you will receive in depth practical training in how to drive traffic as well as how to create high converting emails that convert. Whether you use paid traffic or free traffic they cover it all inside CB Passive Income 5.o.
  • Automatic Commissions: Inside each email Patric Chan sends on your behalf you will automatically get paid if someone purchases from any of the links he sends in his emails. Also, since you are paid through ClickBank it is extremely easy and convenient to withdraw your hard earned commissions.


  • Upsells: Let’s face it…NO ONE like upsells. People often feel cheated if they see an upsell after they have already paid for the program. However, the upsells in CB Passive Income are beneficial just not necessary. Kind of like when you get ice cream and you want sprinkles on top but you have to pay extra for it…
  • Control: The only major issue I have with this program. The fact that someone else does all the hard work for you it’s a great thing because you can focus on only one thing *traffic*. However, this also means you can’t customize any of the landing pages or offers… if you do not like how Patric Chan handles things, you can’t really do anything about it.

My Final Verdict

Well, this is a 100% legitimate program. In the previous versions, I considered this program just above average; however with the new features that were introduced in CB Passive Income 5.0 it is easily one of the best beginner friendly programs I have come across. With updated traffic training, awesome bonuses as well as incorporating sales funnels I highly recommend it.

The price of the program is affordable for people who are just starting out.  Considering Patric Chan does all the heavy lifting for you, I would definitely say that it is worth the cost.

The great thing is that there is a 60 day money back guarantee so if you don’t feel like this program is right for you then you get a full refund!

Overall, it’s a simple way to get into affiliate marketing and earn reoccurring commissions…

Click here to get access to CB Passive Income 5.0!

Thanks for reading my review. If you want to share your experience with the program or have any questions, leave your comment down below.

26 Replies to “CB Passive Income 5.0 Review (2020): The Truth Exposed”

  1. Hi m8. Thanks for sharing your review of CB PASSIVE INCOME 5.0 (2018). I’ve heard about it before but never knew indept how it was. I think this is a great product and an easy way to earn good money without actually working one’s ass off. It will save one’s time because everything is in place and the only work needed to be done is to drive traffic.

    I like the idea and all the concept. Great product. Again, thanks for sharing.

    1. Ah ya, it is pretty nice if you don’t want to invest the time and money into learning how to create high converting landing pages or sales copy.  Also, since  most of the heavy lifting is done for you, all you have to concentrate on is driving quality traffic.

  2. This program certainly does seem to be one of the best of this kind of program. I do like the way that almost everything is “done for you”, which I agree would make it very appealing for newcomers to the online world.

    I would be very interested to know if you did in fact find it easy to get traffic to the offer, and  how much you found it necessary to spend on traffic in order to make it work? Or can this be done with free traffic just as effectively?

    You mention that it does give training, which would be more than useful to beginners who would probably not have much idea about such things as autoresponders, for example.

    You have done a very good job on this review in finding a program which is completely legitimate – not an easy task!

    Many thanks for an extremely interesting post. 

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Hey Chrissie Spurgeon,  great insight and awesome questions!  It is decently easy to get traffic if you know the right sources.  Whether it is free or paid traffic the most important thing is to make sure that you are targeting the right people with your message.  

      On that note, if you used paid traffic then you will more or less immediately see if you targeted the right audience; however, with free traffic it takes longer to see the benefits.  So you have to decide which is more important…time or money.

  3. This si proof that not all the great looking opportunities are scams.  This really does look good and honestly Clickbank has intrigued me for quite a long time.  I have been told with Clickbank there are a lot of not so great programs but if you do your homework there are also great products.  Im going to look into this a little more and see where it takes me.  Thank you.

    1. Hey Dale, thanks for your comment.  You are right that you really have to do your homework first in order to find that one diamond in the middle of a coal mine but when you find it…boy is it worth it.

      If you have any questions about this program then please feel free to message me!

  4. Hello Brandon,

    The world of online business has seen an explosion over the last few years with regards products designed to assist people in starting an online business. I personally have always resented the up-sell element that seems prevalent in a lot of these products as it requires me to invest in the product before properly testing this.

    In your experience, what are some of the methods to overcome the resistance to the up-sell of the CB product? This is of great interest to me in going forward.



    1. Hey Richard, I totally hear you about the trend that is happening recently.  More people are waking up and realising that they want something more out of line.  Because of this want numerous businesses have popped up that promise to help you.  

      The reason why I do recommend Patric Chan’s program is because I have personally used it which have resulted in sales and that he has been around for a while.  It has a good solid foundation and doesn’t leave you hanging unlike some other programs…

      In terms of resisting up sells in general you have to determine for yourself whether the potential benefit outweighs the cost.  

      Great comment and let me know if you have any additional questions!

  5. Patric Chan sound like quite an inspirational guy. I like how honest you are about the other products on click bank seeming “scammy”. I think that Click Bank sounds like a very good opportunity. Like you say you have to do your due diligence but the rest is already done.

    I know what a headache A/B testing can be. I think the YouTube route sounds promising especially for camera shy people (like me). I will definitely check this out. Thanks!

    1. Hey Renton, he most definitely is!   I totally hear you about Clickbank but there are a few gems in there so don’t give up hope!  

      Aha in terms of A/B testing yep…it can drive people mad.  So why not already just use a high converting landing page or sales funnel that has already been tested and proved.  

      In terms of the training, yep for more shy people you can definitely do it your own way.  

      Good luck!

  6. Wow I did not know about this program, it is a very interesting one actually! I am constantly looking for new opportunities to make money online so this article was definitely helpful. It’s good to know that someone tried it already. And you don’t even need to create content. Thank you!

    1. Hey Stefania, I totally agree with you.  It is great that you don’t have to create incentives or lead magnets because it’s all done for you.  As long as you don’t mind not being to able to change already high converting offers, landing pages and emails then you are good to go!

  7. Hello and thanks for the information. I have heard of the previous versions available but never tried them. This seems to be the best of the lot, that’s to be expected. I do like the idea if only having to drive in the traffic to your site, however as you pointed out it’s a tough decision to make to give up virtually all control of your site. Can I ask is this the best program you would recommend, are there comparable programs on offer too? Love to hear your thoughts on this, thanks, Kenny 

  8. It sounds like a good system really after reading your review, but I wish these people wouldn’t put ‘passive’ in the titles of their products – makes them sound scammy – doesn’t it?

    Would you say this program is good only for newcomers to internet marketing, or do you feel that more experienced marketers could learn something from it as well?

    1. Hey, first off thanks for the comment!  I think people misinterpret the word passive.  Passive doesn’t mean instantly it just means that once you do the initial work you can just sit back and relax without having to constantly put in work.  It’s kind of like making interest when you put money in the bank.  You have to first get the money but after that you can just sit back, relax and collect the interest.

  9. Hello there, 

    Thanks for this comprehensive and very informational review of CB Passive Income 5.0. I haven’t heard about it before but after reading your review, it sounds like a good deal especially for newbies. I’m interested. 

    I’m a little bit curious about the “Secret Clone Webpage” – How is it really like? 

    And about the upsells, do you know how much are the upsells and it the price worth the Inbox Pro Version? 

    Looking forward to your reply. 

    Warmest regards, 


    1. Hey Che, yep it is definitely beginner friendly and about the secret clone webpages…well they aren’t web pages but high converting landing pages (squeeze pages) and sales funnels.  So the great thing about this is that they have already been proven to convert so you don’t have to go out and spend money on making your own landing pages.  

      As long as they opt in on the landing page you can view their emails in the CB Passive Income system and add them to your own email list!  

      The Inbox Pro Version which I talked about in the review I believe is $99.  Personally, I think it is worth the price for what you get but that also has a 60 day money back guarantee.  So if you don’t find it useful then you can just cancel it and get your money back.  

      If you have any other questions about the program please feel free to email me!  I personally am using it myself and have gotten hundreds of leads using this system.

  10. This seems like a good program for beginner. There are so many similar type of program in the market that make it so difficult to choose a good one.

    How is the training for driving traffic? Do we need to spend lots of money to get traffic? Is there a free trial for this program?

    Thank you for your review.

    1. Hey Christine, thanks for the comment.  You are right that there are so many different programs out there to chose from.  I personally like this because I have seen sales from it and he has great support in place.

      In terms of driving traffic, you don’t have to spend a fortune, you just have to find quality traffic and then you are good to go.  In terms of a free trial well…you can try it out for 60 days and if you don’t make any sales by that point then you can just cancel and get your money back.  So that is guarantee is very reassuring!  

      If you have any other questions please feel free to message me.

  11. Wow, Brandon,

    In actual fact this really looks like one of the best systems out there. I mean I really like the fact that you get almost everything done for you. So, all i have to do is to drive in some good traffic into Patrick Chan’s high converting landing page without the need to even worry about creating my own Email campaign. This sounds good really.

    He doing the Email campaign himself is a very good idea since most of us are not good at creating Email campaigns that convert well. The price also look so good from stand point, since you get all these benefits on autopilot. 

    I will consider this program in the future as part of my budget to see how it works out for me. I know it will surely turn out well looking at your explanation. I also like the funnel aspect. There was a time that I wanted to try ClickFunnels because they also have some highly converting funnels, however, I realized that the price was too much for me compared to this offer. 

    I’m surely going to make it part of my budget plans in the future of giving this program a try.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


    1. Hey Stephen, I know what you mean about ClickFunnels, they are great at what they do but are so expensive…so instead you get already high converting funnels with CB Passive Income for free…so I definitely think it’s worth it.  Thanks for the comment!

  12. It seems as though the most challenging thing about this program is getting people to sign up their email addresses. I notice that a lot of websites I visit have an interstitial asking me to sign up for the mailing list. However, my inbox would be flooded if I signed up for all of them. A lot of other people probably have the same concern.

  13. This was a really interesting review because it is one of those “done for you systems” a lot of people that do reviews will not agree with this kind of model and say it’s a scam.

    Now me am I am saying CB Passive Income 5.0 is a scam? No not at all I believe it can help out the ones that want to use mostly paid ads to get traffic. I actually like paid ads I use them all the time. I never used solo ads though and I have heard of Udimi being a good source for getting targeted traffic.

    To be honest with you you mentioned upsells I haven’t seen one program that doesnt have their own type of upsell. Even WA has their own by the free membership, then you they give you the option of staying free or going premium at $50 a month. Plus if you want your own domain that’s an extra $15 or more a year. 

    I don’t have anything wrong with upsells I think they work great and give people options because none of the upsells are mandatory they are optional you know?

    See where people get stuck and mad at upsells is when they don’t do their due diligence on the program and then sign up then notice the upsells and think a scam. Which this isn’t he case it is a room they believe can benefit you in the long run.

    I think CB Passive Income is s good Program from what I can see and I thank you for this informative insightful review on it. Keep helping others make the right choices 


  14. Great explanation of CB Passive Income 5.0.  I find I’m coming across a lot of these CB affiliate marketing programs lately.  This one does look pretty good and an easy way to set up a decently profitable business.  Do you have any control over the types of affiliate programs that you can promote on your site, or, are you just promoting his program?

  15. Hey Brandon,

    Thank you for sharing this CB Passive Income 5.0. In fact, I do receive a few emails from Patric Chan prior to the launching of this new product but l never go depth into it until l read your detailed review. It’s a great turnkey (Done for You) system and fully backed up by Clickbank. The biggest challenge of this program is to bring in the traffic – PAID TRAFFIC.

    Do you have any idea how much we should spend on buying traffic per month to generate sales?  Further, do you know how much all those upsell costs?

    I will take a good look at it and thank you for recommending it!


  16. Hi Brandon

    What a thorough review of CB Passive Income 5.0! What impressed me is that you said you bought the product, so your review is based on personal experience of the product and not just your opinion of it. 

    If I understand you correctly this product can be a valid alternative to other legitimate affiliate training platforms, especially for beginners, since it is almost a Done-for-You program. 

    According to this review, and your personal experience, it sounds like a very good opportunity to make money online. However, it bothers me a bit that you have so little control over your own business.

    Thanks for this review, I will take a look at the product. Btw, do you still use it?

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