CB Passive Income

Owner: Patric Chan

Company name: CB Passive Income

Rating: 6/10

Website: www.CBpassiveincome.com


A system where 90% of the heavy lifting is already done for you, can you believe it?! Well Patric Chan advertises his system just like this.  Stating his system is the closest system to being completely automated as you can come close to; however,  can this really be TRUE?


The answer is yes and no.

 YES, he provides you with an auto responder, storage, unique content to give to your subscribers and the training to advertise your unique link.  So in the broad sense, he has set up and provided you with all the tools you will need.   Often just having a landing page, a mailing list provider and an auto responder will cost you hundreds of dollars.  This is worth repeating as he has set up all the tools you need to have to earn commissions once you START to drive traffic.


NO, he doesn’t give you an in depth process of how to drive traffic to this autopilot system that you just paid for.  His training can be broken down into two kinds, paid and unpaid traffic.  Now for each section he gives a brief overview of the different outlets you can use to drive traffic; however, the way he explains it is more abstract as a concept instead of having specific steps to follow to produce the results you want.  Essentially, it will be your responsibility to follow up on the details if you want a more in depth perspective of the exact steps you need to achieve the results you want.




Now for this specific program there are two tiers of pricing.  The first one is where you pay $45 monthly in order to gain access to premium content which is delivered to you every month via email.  The second price point is a one time fee of $90 for the exact same content.  For the content that you receive a one time fee of $90 so I recommend trying this route.  It is a little bit more expensive upfront; however, it is not a re-occurring fee so you don’t have to worry every month.


Now that you chosen your program you are prompted to put in your credit card or pay through paypal.  However, once you sign up and pay for the service there are two different upsells that he will try add in.  I do believe that these do add value; however, considering you just paid money for this system it doesn’t really reassure you that it works if you need these other upsells….


After choosing the method of payment and deciding if you want the extra options you then create your i.d.  He explains it very simply how to make one and how to make a clickbank i.d (pretty straightforward).  After that you are off to start your new found journey into affiliate marketing.  I will say that the nice thing is that there is a 100% money back guarantee within two months of purchase.


      If you are worried about being left out to see if you sink or swim don’t fret! Although you can’t directly communicate with affiliates who are using the program, you have monthly emails that Patrick sends you which contain valuable information for your business.  However, this is where the support ends as there is no community, there is no chance to talk with others to work together.  He does promote his webinars which you can attend live but if you are like me who lives in a different country then the time difference might be too great to take advantage of it.  Unfortunately he doesn’t store these webinars for later use, meaning if you missed out on one you wanted to watch live then that’s it.  So If you are alright being a lone wolf then this shouldn’t be a problem; however, if you like to share and discuss ideas then you will have to look elsewhere.



Upsells Upsells Upsells……….  From the moment you enter your credit card information you will be asked if you want to get the pro version.  The difference being you would get to have access and keep the subscribers in your own personal mailing list, not just have them on Patricks list.  So you could send them any additional promotions or offers you want, just be aware Patrick will also send out emails promoting different products on your behalf.   In addition to the CB Passive Income Patrick also upsells other modules.  Instead of having an all encompassing program for a fair cost he creates mini programs to sell you in order to gain more profit.  I don’t blame him for this as it keeps the cost down and allows you to choose which affiliate avenues you want to choose for yourself.




While simple in concept, the model itself when applied is a lot more work than most people anticipate.  Moreover, although the training is straightforward and easy to understand; it is not enough to warrant the price point that Patrick is asking.  This is because the hardest part is driving the traffic and how you drive traffic successfully is in the details.  So if you are looking for a simple and easy to understand start on your journey then this program will give you the tools to do that, allowing you to focus on the only thing that counts GETTING RESULTS.  So if you are interested in this method then here is the link and as a bonus I’ll add in this report packed with information about how to drive traffic.




Wealthy Affiliates

Owner: Kyle

Company name: Wealthy Affiliates

Rating: 8/10

Website: www.wealthyaffiliates.com


Promising the long but stable road to building a successful business, Wealthy Affiliates delivers.  The phrase actions speak louder than words is truly a concept that Wealthy Affiliates embrace.  They don’t just talk but they deliver on what they promise.  A promise of giving you the support and information needed to create and sustain an online business.



Now for this program there are two types of membership.  One is the basic membership which is free and allows you to create two free websites using the wordpress platform. I should note that while using the basic membership you cannot use any additional plug ins which makes it hard to be competitive at a business level.  However, if you are just looking to support others with the information you know without caring about money then this could be a good route for you. The other membership is their premium membership which costs $47 per month; however, for the cost it adds genuine value.  Not only do you get access to over 100 premium templates for your website, you get increased protection and support for your website as well as.  Not only does this premium membership add value for your website but it gets you access to premium training and modules which the knowledge you learn from them are extremely valuable.  The only thing I don’t like is that they do not have a refund policy; however, letting you receive the basic membership for free is a good way to determine if it is for you or not.  Also, be aware that if you are on premium and wish go switch back to basic you CANNOT.  This means you will be on premium for as long as you are with Wealthy Affiliates for.



Besides the premium membership there are no other upsells!!  However, they do offer domains which only costs an extra $10 dollars per month.




From the time you first sign in Kyle is there welcoming you to the team.  More than that though, you have an entire community to share, implement ideas and learn from one another.  You have other members uploading useful videos or writing articles that are relevant to your situation, this way of thinking breeds trust and support which are key pillars that you want to have when you are taking on something as big as affiliate marketing.  While CB Passive Income doesn’t have any formal communication besides email; Wealthy Affiliates give you the convenient option of chatting with seasoned members of the affiliate community anytime, any day.  More than that, you have access the owners directly and they will answer any questions you may have.  Moreover, they have live webinars that you can attend and ask questions, but what is what really impressive is that they store all their webinars on their site so you have access to it even if you couldn’t attend it live.  The only downside is information overload!! Due to the vast webinars and workshops you can attend it may be hard to know when to stop researching and when to take action.  My suggestion is do the workshops that they list in order and work your way up and only after you are comfortable with the basics should you try more advanced techniques.


Overall, the support you receive from this program is one of the best I have seen and shows how much they care about us, the affiliates.




While the training is detailed and the steps that must be taken to ensure success Wealthy Affiliates can be overwhelming for some, just remember to take a breath and take it at one step at a time.  This program has all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed for life and remember once you take that step to becoming a premium member you are on that road for as long as you are with them.


Verdict: Wealthy Affiliates

Although CB Passive Income gives you the supporting tools for maintaining your mailing list it is something that one could do by themselves without a steep learning curve.  Wealthy Affiliates provides quality support and gives you full resources without trying to upsell.  I believe this is important as it speaks to the values of the creators.  For these reasons I recommend going with Wealthy Affiliates if you are starting off as a new affiliate.  If you liked this review and are interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate please check it out.   Please leave your comments and questions below!!

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