Why is personal development important?

In today’s society we are all but expected to put a person’s attitude and personality before their physical appearance.  However, do we really value the inside more than the outside?

Right now the concept of being yourself is being attractive no matter what you look like is a recent trend.  However, people are vain and will say anything if it makes them look good regardless of their actual beliefs. As humans we determine what kind of person another person is in under 10 seconds after meeting them.

Objectively, we should value what a person has created regardless of their appearance; however, this is not the case.  We often assign positive characteristics to attractive people without even knowing what they are like!  In psychology this is called the Halo Effect, where we believe that because a person is attractive it must mean they have other positive qualities.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about people who are don’t look like a super star.  We often associate negative qualities to that person if we believe they are unfit or unattractive.

I don’t look like a superstar: What can I do?!

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Well fret not, there are far more Average Joes in the world than there are Beautiful Sams’ and they still come out on top.  How can this be?  Well there are a couple of different qualities to consider when wanting to make a positive impact even if you are not perfect.

First: Dress to Impress

Whether you are going to a dinner with a potential client or creating a video for social media how you present yourself will make a lasting impression.  Therefore, looking your best will create an impression of professionalism in which others will attribute other positive qualities to you.


Second: Be Confident

People are naturally attracted to others who have a firm self of identity.  Believing in yourself and at least seeming to know what you are talking about will do wonders for your credibility.  Even if you feel like you are faking your new found confidence you will start to become comfortable and start believing it yourself.

Third: Be clear and to the point

While flowery language will do you well in poetry it won’t do so well when trying to explain yourself or your ideas.  Time is valuable and people don’t like it when you waste it.  So if you can explain something clearly in a short amount of time without the fluff, then people will retain the information and will want to know more about what you have to say.



Looking back at videos we may say that yes it is the content and quality of that content that matters.  This is of course true and no one can turn a blind eye to that; however, what people can turn a blind eye to is how a person looks.  With so many people looking to get into the same niche or industry the majority of us check out the thumbnail of a video or ad before deciding to commit our time to it.  Therefore, remember to be direct, confident and show off your best self.

Of course playing this part is only one part of being successful in whatever niche you are in.  The other part of being successful is your training and how you apply the knowledge you have acquired.  This can only be done with a qualified training system.  I recommend Wealthy Affiliates as it is continually updated to stay current, is community based so you can all work together to be successful and as a bonus you receive two free websites just for using it!


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