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When it comes to selling products online, there are a lot of platforms to promote your clickbank offers on but one of the most comprehensive and engaging platforms to use is Facebook.

Now facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020. And these users all belong to groups that the users are consistently interested in, engaged in and sharing in. Now imagine if you joined a facebook group that has 30,000 members which is pretty easy to find!

 Now imagine if only 1% of those members clicked on your offer which pays you $30 each time a person signed up.  If only 1% of those members  clicked on your link you would make $9000. Now just imagine if instead of 1% you could get 10% of those members clicking on your offer…that would be some nice money coming in.  All without having to spend a dime on paid ads.

But the big question remains!

That question is how do you go about engaging people if you don’t have a website or content to share and you don’t want to invest hours and hours writing blog posts just for the chance of being seen. 

How do you work smart and efficiently without wasting time?

Well what if I told you I came across a system that allowed you to share other people’s content and automatically input your own clickbank offer within their content, would you be interested?

Now you see the little bubble and message on the bottom left corner, well that is my clickbank offer.  So whenever they click on the learn more button they will get sent to the clickbank offer that I’m promoting all the while I just share other people’s content! In this case I shared an awesome article about the best deer hunting rifles of 2020.

The great thing is that this system works for any topic, whether it's dog food, video games, comic books…

Just find an article, insert your clickbank offer inside and share it with those who find the content inteteresting and that's it…

If you want to work smart and take advantage of this system then you will want to keep on reading because this system has the potential to help make you hundreds or thousands of dollars in Clickbank commissions all without spending a single penny on ads!

So what is this revolutionary system? 

Well it is called the Affiliate Content Profits System and it’s super simple to use.

Step 1: Find amazing content that you would share even if you weren’t getting paid for it

Step 2: Put the link for the content into the Affiliate Content Profits System

Step 3: insert your Clickbank offer into the Affiliate Content Profits System

Step 4: The Affiliate Content Profits System will generate a unique link for you to share with your Clickbank offer embedded inside the content that you share

Step 5: Share the content and get paid

That’s all there is to this amazing system.  Share other people’s content and get paid for it without having to create your own website, blog posts or videos.

You can use it 100% for free using the link down below and the great thing is that it comes with in depth training on how to take advantage of the system so you can start making Clickbank sales even faster!

Also, as a bonus for taking action right now I’m also going to give you my top 5 high converting Facebook Templates that you can use to get even more engagement so you can make the content you share go viral which means you can get even more Clickbank sales…

Affiliate Content Profits System+ Bonus

If you are still unsure of trying this system out I completely understand which is why I created an in depth step by step guide of what the Affiliate Content Profits System is and how to use it which you can check out here.

So let me know in the comment section down below what you think of this system and your experience with Clickbank!

5 Replies to “How To Promote Clickbank Products For Free On Facebook”

  1. As an affiliate marketer myself, I always want to find a way to promote the product for free. Pay Per Click can get expensive over time. Thanks for sharing about this system, and it is free! Thanks for the link I am going to check it out right away. I have some links that I want to promote so this is perfect for me! 🙂

  2. This looks like something that was made specifically for me and I feel it would be nice for me to try to promote other peoples product online and be able to make some money from it. I’d like to know about this platform but it is something that I would definitely like to give a try. Thanks!

  3. Hi there , I would agree with you that one of the best platforms to sell your products online to promote one clickbank offers is Facebook and this is because Facebook is a very big platform, and it’ll be a of good help to ones business. I’m really glad I stumbled on this article, it very informative and quite interesting, I really enjoyed learning about this system that you can use for free!. It was really thoughtful of you to share , I will definitely recommend this to anyone interested.

  4. Wow! I’ve never heard of this type of system before. I’m an affiliate marketer and will say that this is so cool. Indeed, it’s a lazy way to earn big. Find good content, share and earn. Pretty impressive. I think this tool will be very useful to me too in my online business. I’m glad you have a guide as regards this, and I have already open the link. Will take my time to go through it later. 

  5. Thank you fir sharing this here and it makes so much sense seeing this here. To be very honest, I like what has been shared here and it makes sense. The way to ensuring proper promotion of click bank products is to properly do it and know where and how to do it right. What you shared here is great and thank you fir sharing with us. 

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