Ranking in Google

How to rank in Google Search:

5 simple things you need to consider why your website isn’t ranking.

1)Domain Age


What is domain age?

Well just like a person it refers to how long you have been around.  The longer you have been around the more well established you are and the more Google trusts you as a source.  So just like with wine, it is better to be aged.

A lot of people who are just starting expect to rank within the first page of Google within 20 minutes however, this is impossible as Google must first find you and then determine if it likes what it sees.  One important thing to remember when choosing a domain though is how brandable and relevant it is to your message.

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2) Site Age

between domain age and site age is.  Well to the uninformed they may well look the same; however, they are not!!

While domain age refers to the brand of your website the site age refers to the contents that are uploaded.  How long your articles or videos have been on Google will affect their ranking.  So while beauty before age is a long time saying it has no place in the world of Google.


3) Frequency of Content

Does it matter how much you post?  Well if you post quality articles then ….OF COURSE it matters.

Think about this for a second, you are on Youtube and you are subscribed to your favourite Youtuber.  That Youtuber is informative, funny and keeps your attention (sounds perfect, right?).  Well, when they post content it is amazing quality content; however, they only post once every 4 months.

That is only 3 times a year that they create new content!!!!

Now, since we all want instant gratification it is human nature to look elsewhere if we are not getting what we want, when we want it.  So, even though we might not want to look for content elsewhere we might not have any choice.

If you want to avoid being forgotten then you MUST keep a schedule so the people that read your content will know when to expect it.

4) Content Overload

Can you have too much content for Google?!  The answer is no!! In fact, the more content you have the more likely you are to get ranked and to be noticed by Google as they will see you as an established source of information.


Make sure it is quality content and you aren’t just copying and pasting articles from other sites or sources.  Google will notice this and it will hurt how they rank you.


5) Content Engagement:

Who likes to listen to a lecturer for two hours with a monotone voice and doesn’t want to bother with questions during or after the lecture?

Mostly everyone would hate this, unless you are trying to fall asleep…but then you don’t learn anything if you fall asleep!! What a catch 22.  This is something you definitely want doing to your audience unless you are an egotistical, narcissistic person who just wants to listen to his or her own voice and doesn’t really care about helping anyone.

I’m an optimistic person and like to believe people want to help others for the sake of helping.  This is why it is extremely important to keep an open conversation with your audience.  Everyone wants to be respected and to be heard.  So by creating a dialogue with your audience you can establish rapport with them which will allow them to see you as a real person who just wants to help them.

Putting aside the moral reasons of engaging with your audience, Google considers this to be extremely attractive because you have your audience coming back to your site. This shows Google that people like your site and are willing to keep on coming back.  If you thought high school was a popularity contest then you haven’t met Google.


Bonus Tip

Videos, videos, videos!!! People often underutilised this tool.  Embedding a video to your article can often help how people view your content.  Think about it for a second, which way would you rather receive your information, by reading a 4000 word article or watching a 10 minute video that summaries  key points and focuses your attention?  I think the choice is clear, by adding videos it allows your audience to choose which media form they would like to listen to your message.

Don’t forget when using videos always keep some element changing in order to make sure your audience is still following you are keeping their attention.


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