Ok, so you want to know how to rank your videos on Youtube and of course who wouldn’t want their videos ranking at the top of the Youtube search results!

By being in the top  placements you get more exposure, more people are likely to view your content and subscribe and more people are likely to engage with your content as well which will keep you at the top of the Youtube search results!

The question then becomes how do you rank at the top of the Youtube search engines consistently?

Well there are three key factors of ranking at the top of the search engines…

They are…

1. Using keywords in your tags, description and video title

2. Create and use an engaging and curiosity based description and title

3. Get your audience to take action

1. How To Use keywords in your tags, description and video title

Well the quick and dirty way to quickly rank your video is by using keywords in your title, description and tags. 

I’ll show you a real world example! You see this is my video and I wanted to rank for the keyword “Is Clickbank a scam”  I put this keyword in my title, in my tags and in my description.  So make sure you repeatedly use your keyword or some variation of your keyword in these three areas.

Now with keywords you want to make sure that you don’t choose an extremely competitive keyword where thousands or hundreds of thousands of people are also wanting to use the exact same keyword.  An example of a super popular keyword would be like “How to make money online”….

But how do you know how competitive a keyword is? 

That is great question and the answer is by using Keyword Tools like TubeBuddy.  With Tubebuddy it instantly tells you how competitive a keyword is well… instantly! All you do is type in the keyword you think you want to try to use for your video and TubeBuddy will tell you how competitive it will be to rank for that specific keyword.

But if you don’t want to give up trying to use that keyword even though it’s super popular then you can always try being more specific. For example, if I wanted to rank for the keyword “ How to make money online” but I know this keyword has a lot of competition I can create something called a long tailed keyword which basically means I add more description to the main keyword. 

For example instead of using the keyword “How to make money online”  I can add onto it and say something like “How to make money online in 2020”.  By being more specific I will have less competition and have a better chance to rank on the Youtube search engines.

2. Create and use an engaging and curiosity based description and title

Your Youtube Title

Ok, so now that you have finished deciding on what keywords to use the next step you will want to take is creating an exciting or curiosity based description and title. 

For the Title of your video a good way to do this is by adding the keyword you want to rank for in the first half of your title and in the second half creating a hook… in other words make it something people will be interested in clicking on. 

Check out the example here

You can see that the first half is my keyphrase that I want to rank for while the 2nd half is emotion based which will cause them to become more interested and invested in my video. 

A good way to do this is to look at different advertisements in magazines and see how they catch your attention.  

Youtube Descriptions

Now that we talked about how to create a good title we need to look at the description box for Youtube next.  Now with Youtube the first 2 to 3 lines will show up along side your video when you go to search which is another opportunity to really get your potential audience interested in your video. 

For example

As you can see my description spikes the audiences curiosity by finding out whether or not Clickbank (the service I was reviewing) is a scam or not…

You can kind of think of the description like a movie trailer…

It should entice and build curiosity around itself so you want to know more about it. 

In order to get good at this I would study the top ranking videos of other Youtubers in your niche and see how they structure their descriptions.

 This takes us to the 3rd and final step you have to take if you want to rank on Youtube…

3. Get your audience to take action

Now engagement is a huge indicator to Youtube that people value your content and the more people engage with your video, whether it is through the like button, commenting or sharing, these are all indicators that your video is worth watching.

This means that Youtube will be more likely to rank your video higher in the search results because so many people are engaging with your videos content.

So how do you get your audience to engage with your video?  Well there are two main ways that I like to use.

Giving Your Audience Direction

The first way is by giving your audience direction. Just like how a singer will ask the audience to shout something you should also be using this method.  So just by guiding your audience they will be way more likely to engage with you.  So you can say something like “ If you liked this video then please smash that like button” or something like “ If you like chocolate ice cream like me then smash that like button”.  By giving simple and soft statements like this you will skyrocket your engagement.  Just make sure you use this method sparingly…I tend to do only one or two actions that I want my audience to take.

Asking a question in the comment section

Now another easy and natural way to get engagement for your video is by asking a question to your audience in the comment section. 

By engaging with them in the comment section you will further signal to the Youtube Gods that your content is worthy…

Final Thoughts

These are the three main ways to rank your video and to keep your video ranked at the top of the Youtube search results.  The one thing that I want to stress though is this…

If you are serious about ranking your videos and about becoming a Youtuber then I highly recommend investing in a keyword tool so you know you are on the right path of choosing keywords and video topics that will rank on Youtube. 

I personally use Tubebuddy and if you want to try it out you can try it out for free here. 

So let me know in the comment section what you think the most important thing is to rank your videos on Youtube!

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