What is SEO?


Before we understand what SEO is and the importance of keywords within that function we must first understand what it isn’t.  It isn’t a magic formula or code where you find some magic keywords and then you will get hundreds of thousands of views. SEO is not like pay per click or banner advertising where traffic is sent your way for a fee.


What it is a tool that can be used to organically support your content in order for it to be accessible to all the people out there who use the internet.  In essence, it is a way to become an authority on your niche.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo rely on certain algorhymes to help to find information on your website about what it is your are wanting to convey to your audience.  Essentially, it is asking what your website is about.

Say No To Stuffing!

No, I don:t mean the delicious food that you have during Thanksgiving dinner.  I mean keyword stuffing. In the past people have exploited these algorhymes by using something that is called  keyword stuffing.  Here people purposefully try to use as many keywords relating to their topic as possible to increase the likelihood of ranking on the top pages of the search engines.  However, this method comes off as unnatural and downright strange to the reader.  Google and other search engines also find it strange and they know what you are doing.  Because they know your devious plot to rank on the top pages of their search engines through means that are shady at best, they now penalize you if you try this method.


   Moral of the story

Just like how your parents told you to say no to peer pressure, the same concept applies here.  Many people will still tell you that it is effective and yes at one point in time it was,,,,but now it is based on quality content using select keywords that engages your readers.

Why is SEO important?!

Now although the benefits of SEO are very apparent, some people would rather spend money to get views.  Now of course this method is fantastic if you have the budget; however, it doesn’t guarantee that the traffic you receive from it is quality traffic. We can define quality traffic as those whose interests and qualities coincide with the core message of our website.  For example, we couldnt count someone who is looking for shoes and gets redirected to our website about phones from paid advertising as a quality lead.  We have to have the information on a relevant topic that the reader is interested in.  Also, you will see different paid advertising programs promote tier 1 traffic and tier 2 traffic.  Basically, tier 1 traffic is traffic that comes from developed countries like Canada or the United States.  While tier 2 traffic is traffic that comes from developing or recently developed countries like in Europe.  Essentially, tier 1 is the best quality traffic that you can get, which is why a lot of companies will advertise that a certain percent of the traffic you receive comes from tier 1 traffic.


The fantastic thing about getting traffic organically (through SEO) is that you know that the people who are on your site actually searched for keywords relating to your niche; therefore, you know you will have quality traffic and the more quality traffic you have the more likely they are going to share your website since it helped to solve a problem for them.  Another fantastic quality that SEO has is that it requires little investment if you are willing to be patient and learn.


Find a good Keyword tool











Now, at this point you may be saying to yourself *Wow! Using SEO is a great way to expand my site and reach millions of people, but how do I choose the right keywords?*  The great thing is that you don’t have to guess as there are many different programs out there to help you choose. I recommend Jaaxy as it contains extremely detailed reports and helps to analyze not only how competitive certain keywords are but also helps you compare competition for domain names, content creation and for reverse engineering what others are doing to achieve rankings on the first page of search engines.


There are many ways to get traffic to your site; however, if you want organic traffic then researching and utlizing SEO will do wonders for your website.  So if there is only one thing you take away from this article please remember that by using SEO you are gaining quality traffic; however, this method does take time, so don't expect to have an additional 30,000 visits overnight.  If you are in it for the long run (which you should be) then SEO can only help to benefit your site.



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