Looking for an alternative to the routine 9-5 job then here are 5 ways you can make money online.


Number One

                                                                                                                                     Affiliate marketing

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What is an affiliate marketer?  An affiliate marketer is where you promote and sponsor products for a company  through a unique online link they give you.  What is nice about this is that you don’t have to purchase any product in bulk in order to sell.  All that is needed is your advice, guidance, then direct them to your unique sellers link and earn income!  This method  is low risk with high return.  People will often start here if they are seriously looking to make additional income.  Personally, I use Wealthy Affiliates as a resource which provides me with the tools and the knowledge to be successful.


Number Two

                                                             Image result for blogger                                                                   Blogger

Now if you have a way with words which captivates and makes people hungry for more then blogging is for you.  You see many big sites like cnet outsource their articles.  This saves them time and means more money for you.  Companies like Writing Jobs are a great resource that allows you to choose what kind of job you want to take on and what kind of income you want.


Number Three


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Traditionally not an online career, in today’s society having a camera and a passion for taking breathtaking views or capturing those special moments can be a lucrative venture.  The creative outlets you can express are endless.  With sites like Photography Jobs Online you become part of an extensive network and for each photo you upload you are guaranteed $1 per photo, of course they will only accept certain types, meaning if you decide to take a dick pic..that is a no go.  If the financial incentive isn’t enough for you, it is a fantastic way to spread word of mouth so you can let everyone else know just how talented and amazing you are.  So expanding your clientele while getting paid for it has made people thousands of dollars in just a short time.


Number Four

                                                       Taking surveys online

We all remember taking those school surveys; however, we never got paid for them!  We basically gave away information for free!  The bottom line is that companies know the value of research and marketing.  Through surveys they are able to predict trends, update policies and stay ahead of their competitors.  In fact this information is so valuable they are willing to pay a pretty nice penny to receive that feedback.  So why not take advantage of it?  With quality sites like Gold Opinions, you can make hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month.

Number Five

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                                                                  Become a Seller

I’m sure you know the concept of selling your old toys or junk that you have lying around on ebay or craigslist; however, this isn’t just a way to clear your old junk and earn some fast cash.  You can make this a full time business and earn a full time income!  Whatever your niche is, by buying or creating a low price point then putting up your branded product online you can become a reputable seller as well as make a significant amount of net profit.  What is nice about using sites like amazon is that they guarantee your protection as a seller and as a buyer; moreover, they allow you to store your product in their warehouses.  This means that you don’t pay for expensive storage and they ship it out for you! Your only job is to get the traffic and get the sale.

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