Welcome to my honest CB Passive Income Elite System Review!

This system has been rated in the top  product of ClickBank’s  Market Place and something as high ranking and as popular as the CB Passive Income Elite System deserves an in depth look into its system. So today we are going to be covering in depth exactly what the CB Passive Income Elite is, how it works, and if it’s worth the cost…

Here are the things I’m going to cover in this in depth review:

  • What is the CB Passive Income Elite System
  • Who created the CB Passive Income Elite System
  • Who the CB Passive Income Elite is made for
  • How does the CB Passive Income Elite System Works
  • Is the CB Passive Income Elite System a scam
  • An in depth walkthrough inside the CB Passive Income Elite System
  • The benefits and drawbacks of the CB Passive Income Elite System
  • Common questions about the CB Passive Income Elite System
  • What Is The Cost of the CB Passive Income Elite System
  • My Final Thoughts

What is the CB Passive Income Elite System?

CB Passive Income Elite is a ClickBank product created and supported by the online millionaire Patric Chan that teaches you how to create your own online business by creating your own brand either by selling your own digital products or by recommending other people’s products (which is the affiliate marketing process).

So whether you want to create your own products or just help sell other people’s products you can do so all while creating your own online marketing brand empire.

 So what Patric Chan’s system is designed to give you all the tools and resources in order for you to run your business on auto-pilot (meaning automatically, in the background) so that you can make passive income and earn money even in your sleep.

Now the CB Passive Income Elite is actually the 5th version of the CB Passive Income Program that Patric Chan created. 

In the previous versions of this program you would need to purchase the product, learn affiliate marketing through the training inside the system, then you would promote and act as an affiliate for the program in order to get others to purchase it in order to make affiliate commissions.

As it was in the past, CB Passive Income Elite teaches how to make money online through Affiliate Marketing. But this time with one key difference…  The difference is that you can now with the CB Passive Income Elite System you can sell any kind of product you want.

I want to stress that this isn’t a MLM system where you get paid to recruit others to sell it.  It is a real online business that pays you when you make a sale either by promoting your own products or when you promote other affiliate products.

So What the CB Passive Income Elite essentially is, is a system which gives you the tools, trainings and resources of what has worked for the online millionaire Patric Chan’s   business and he is allowing you to duplicate his entire business model and guide you step by step to help you to implement and create your own online marketing brand based on what has been proven to convert within his own business model. 

  So this means inside the CB Passive Income Elite you will gain access to Patric's tested email swipe files, email marketing campaigns, different content driven bonuses that you can give to your audience (like checklists, ebooks, case studies etc…), proven to convert sales funnels and much more inside this system.  And the best part is that it will have your brand on it. Not  the CB Passive Income Elite brand but your brand so you can take 100% control of your business.

 In other words through every step of the way everything that the CB Passive Income Elite gives you acts as a Private Label Right where you can claim all the resources from the program as your own. 

Who Is The Creator Of The CB Passive Income Elite System

Ok, but who is Patric Chan and more importantly can you trust him.  Well Patric Chan is a real person.  While other internet marketers out there may use fake or pen names, Patric stands behind his work and business by using his real name.  I’m saying this because a lot of online “gurus” use pen names because they don’t actually believe in what they are selling and are afraid of the backlash. 

By the way, if someone uses a fake name then you should 100% not do business with that person because if they are willing to use a fake name then you have to wonder what else they are faking…

So Patric Chan is a self-made millionaire where he first found fame and fortune in becoming one of the top clickbank affiliates on the platform.  Not only that but he is a bestselling author he has also worked with big names in the online marketing industry like Russell Brunson founder of Clickfunnels and Robert Allen co author of the best selling book Clicking Cash.

Finally, Patrics success speaks for itself as you can see in the CB Passive Elite System that he has created in which it has ranked consistently in the top selling products in the Clickbank Marketplace. 

Who is the CB Passive Income Elite System Designed For

Specifically regarding the CB Passive Income Elite System, this is a system that is really designed for the make money online/online marketing niche.  This is because all the content, all the landing pages and all the email templates that you are given within the system are designed to cater to the make money online and internet marketing industry. 

So if you are looking to take advantage of all the resources and tools within the system but want to create a brand and business around say dog food then you will be better off passing on this system. 

But for those who want to learn how to make money online and help others do so as well, then this is a system that you will definitely want to take advantage of because all the resources that he gives you really are designed to help convert those looking to escape their regular 9-5 jobs, those who are looking for financial freedom and those who are looking to be their own boss.

This is a system designed for you to build your online marketing empire so you have the opportunity to join the ranks of other famous online marketers like Russell Brunson, Dan Lok or Neil Patel all while working under a proven business model that is proven to convert.

How Does The CB Passive Income Elite System  Work

Ok, so now that you know what it is and who created it the next question you are probably thinking is that…

Well that sounds great and all but what is the actual process, how do I actually get consistent income so that I can quit my job that I hate, so that I can finally tell my toxic boss to suck it, so that I can finally become my own boss and not have to take crap from anyone else ever again…

OK, so the CB Passive Income Elite System’s process can be boiled down to 5 easy to follow steps…

1. Create Your Brand and Business Name:

You’ll input all the needed details in the CB Passive Income Elite System including your name and brand (These are the two most important things to build trust with potential customers).  So that every email you send out, every landing page, sales page and bonus content that you share (which you will be given inside this system) will all have your name and brand directly labelled on it which means you can make yourself as an authority figure in the online world without having to create anything from scratch.

2. The CB Passive Income Elite System will then clone Patric Chan’s entire system

Next,  4 unique landing pages will be automatically generated for you which you can promote 4 different free offers your potential customers can take advantage of. Note* Everything is already done for you so you don’t have to create anything from scratch yourself . These offers are called “lead magnets” because you are giving them away for free in exchange for them giving you their email address.

 Once they sign up on your landing page they will be added to your email list where you can start to build a relationship with them through email. Note *All the email templates you need to do this follow up sequence to establish trust will be given to you within the CB Passive Income Elite System so you don’t have to worry about what to write because Patric will give you proven to convert email templates that you can use*

3. Drive People To The Free Offers

You’ll need to send traffic to your these landing pages. Inside the CB Passive Income Elite System there is exclusive training that you will be taught about how to do this using both free traffic and paid traffic.

4. Build The Relationship

After people sign into your email list through your landing pages you will keep on sharing with them amazing content.  Don’t worry you don’t have to write or research anything because Patric Chan has evergreen content (reports, e-books, checklists, trainings etc…) that you can give to your audience to build trust and rapport.

5. Monetize Your Email List

When someone subscribes to your list and after you have provided value in the form of e-books, reports etc… then you can start to promote different affiliate offers or even your own product if you have it. Just make sure whatever paid products you promote will actually help your customer with their goals…

In other words…  just don’t promote crap products that you know are crap!

That is it…

Basically, follow these 5 simple steps in which Patric gives you all the resources to accomplish this and you can start making real money online with this system. 

Ok, so maybe you are thinking that this is too good to be true…

Because inside the CB Passive Income Elite System you are given…

  •  highly valuable content that you can share with people who will actually want it and who will pay real money for it
  • exclusive known to convert landing pages so you can get more customers even faster
  • already made high converting email templates which means you can turn your customers into repeat buyers even faster
  • In Depth Training on how to build your own online business so you can start building your business even faster
  • A community to support you along your entrepeneur journey

Then what is the catch.  After all there is always a catch.  Well that is what we are going to be talking about next.

Is CB Passive Income Elite System A Scam?

Ok, so is the CB Passive Income Elite System a scam?  Well first we have to define what a scam is. According to Merriam Webster a scam is “a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation”

So does the CB Passive Income Elite System fall into this category?

Well let’s take a closer look…

Does it promise that you will make money? No.

Does it promise you will be a millionaire? No

Does it promise that it will require no work? No

In other words the CB Passive Income Elite System is not a scam.  It doesn’t promise the world, it doesn’t promise you will be a millionaire, it doesn’t promise that you will even be rich.  What it does promise is that if you stick to the system then you are way more likely to succeed…

Just like in any business there is a chance of failure but there is also a greater chance of success if you stick to it and follow through.  So if you are willing to put in the effort and work required to be successful then the CB Passive Income Elite System is the best system to help you accomplish that goal.

FYI… If a program does promise that you will 100% make money then you should run away of those kinds of programs.  Because nothing is guaranteed in life except death and taxes ( Little morbid I know…but still true)

CB Passive Income Elite Walkthrough

Here is an in depth walkthrough video inside of the actual CB Passive Income Elite System

Or if you don’t have the time to watch the video because I get it you have things to do…

I created a quick and easy to follow outline of what you will get inside the CB Passive Income Elite System…

Main page

         This page shows you all your stats, leads, conversion rate etc… once you log in.  It’s great to quickly see how your campaigns are doing and it allows you to track your leads easily within the system. All the other parts of the system are listed on the left hand side. 


 So there are 4 modules or trainings in this program which if you are just starting out are a great foundation for online marketing. Or even if you are more experienced he goes in depth with different strategies on how to promote your offers so you are sure to learn something whether you are experienced or just starting out.

Module #1 – Is an overview and training on how to use the CB Passive Income Elite so you can get started with your online business the fast, simple and easy way

Module #2 – Exclusive training which shows you how you can make affiliate commissions with ClickBank products (or any kind of product or service) which is important since you will want to make profit as quickly as possible

Module #3 –  In depth training on how to drive traffic to your landing page in addition to building your email list

Module #4 – This is like a bonus training for more strategies and tips such how to promote launches, win affiliate contests.

Instant Turnkey Pages/ Done For You Funnels

Inside this section are all the landing pages and lead magnets that you can promote to get people to give you their email address. All of these landing pages are high converting that have been tested with Patric Chan’s own money so they are proven to convert.

-Email Swipe Files

In this section Patric gives you complete access to his high converting email templates. So whether you want to promote a product in the “Promo Email Library Section” or just give more value and build an even better relationship with your email list in the “Content Email Library Section” he has you covered.

Content Engine Maker

 This is the best thing that has happened since cheese strings…

The content engine make allows for the quick creation of content (reports, mini e-books, etc.) instantaneously so  you’ll have content ready for publishing and sharing in just a few minutes all with your brand attached to them so you can position yourself as an authority figure online.

Benefits Of The CB Passive Income Elite System

There are 5 main benefits of why I recommend the CB Passive Income Elite System…

  • High Value Private Label Rights Bonus Content that you can share or sell to others who will actually want it
  • Exclusive Converting Landing Pages so you can get more people to sign up to your email list which means more customers and more sales
  • High Converting Email Templates which are given to you which means you can turn your customers into repeat buyers even faster while establishing a real relationship with them through email marketing
  • In Depth Easy To Follow Exclusive Training on how to build your own online business step by step so you can start building your online marketing business right away
  • An Exclusive  Community where you can ask questions and get support from fellow CB Passive Income Elite Members

Drawbacks Of The CB Passive Income Elite System

While the CB Passive Income Elite System has it's benefits it also has certain drawbacks as well…

  • Price point: While previous versions of the CB Passive Income System were less expensive the elite will cost you $497 which isn’t a cheap price especially if you are just starting out
  • Doesn’t Work For All Niches: So if you want to build an online business promoting dog food for example then you will want to pass on this system.  This system is designed for those who are in the make money online/ internet marketing niche.
  • It Takes Real Work and Investment: While this system is designed to be as automated as possible it will take real work to get set up first.  If you are just looking for a system where you don’t want to put in effort to succeed then this system isn’t for you.

Common Questions about the system

-Are there upsells in the CB Passive Income Elite System?   

Yes, there are upsells which do add value and help to speed up the process of getting profitable quicker but they are not necessary for success.  It’s kind of like when you are at Mcdonald’s and they ask if you want to upsize your combo.  You can do it because you’ll get more for your buck but it isn’t necessary to enjoy your meal if you don’t take it.

What is the CB Passive Income Elite Return Policy?

If you don’t like the system for whatever reason you are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Can I really claim everything in the CB Passive Income Elite System under my own brand?

Yes, all the articles, content, and landing pages you can effectively claim under your own unique brand. 

Is CB Passive Income Elite System A MLM System?

No, it isn’t a MLM because you don’t get paid for just recruiting more people on your down line inside the system. You only get paid when a customer purchases either your own original offer or an affiliate offer.

Can anyone really use this system?

The answer to this is yes anyone can use this system. Thanks to the easy to follow steps that the system lays out anyone can use and take advantage of this system. So whether you this is your first time with internet marketing and you are a newbie or if you are more of a seasoned veteran anyone can use and take advantage of this system. 


Now I talked about the cost before but the total investment for this system is a one time investment of $497.  Now while this may seem steep, what the system offers you in return is well worth the price if you are serious about making money online. 

It’s essentially the cost of eating out with drinks at a restaurant once a month.  Imagine being able to start your own online business and changing your financial situation for the cost of eating and drinking out at a restaurant once a month…

Whether or not you think is worth it is up to you but I’d say that’s a good deal…

Not only that but if you can’t commit to a one time payment of $497 you can also split up the payments into instalments so you don’t have to pay the cost all at once.

So overall, for the price and what you get with it I would say that it is worth the price and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee backed by Clickbank…

Final thoughts On The CB Passive Income Elite System

Overall the CB Passive Income Elite System is a real system that is designed to help others start their own online business while getting rid of the heavy lifting (creating content, bonuses, ebooks, landing pages etc…) that stop so many people from even trying to get started making money online.   So really this system gives anyone the opportunity to start their own online business quickly, effectively and efficiently…

Not only that but this system is directly modelled from  Patric Chan’s own millionaire dollar system so you know that it has already been tested and tried.

So if you are interested in making money online then this system is one of the best to learn from, get profit from and implement quickly if you really want to have success.

It's like what Raj Al Ghoul the one who trained Batman said…

So if you have the will to act to take control of your own future, financial situation and lifestyle then join the CB Passive Income Elite System using the link down below.



As a bonus for signing up using my link and joining the CB Passive Income System I'm going to give you some awesome bonuses as well!

Bonus #1: $100 Worth Of Bing Ad Credit

That's right, I'm going to give you $100 worth of ad credit when you create an account with Bing Ads and start investing with them. So you can test your offers and start getting traffic quickly to your offers without having to worry about wasting money.

Bonus #2: Exclusive Access To My Inner Circle Facebook Group

You will gain exclusive access to my inner member circle. Unlike many other Facebook Groups, my inner circle is dedicated to helping support you and the other members by sharing with you the most up to date strategies, resources and training for the CB Passive Income Elite System in the online marketing world which means only value will be given.

So Inside not only will you have you the opportunity to discuss your business with other successful members but you can also share and get real feedback and support from those who have the same mindset and values as you.

Bonus #3: My Five High Converting Facebook Templates Designed For Converting In Facebook Groups

These are my top high converting Facebook Templates that I have created that anyone can use to easily and simply get more engagement, leads and ultimately sales with…

All you have to do to get all these awesome bonuses is to sign up to the CB Passive Income Elite System using my link and then send me a quick email to “Brandon@wealthydegree.com” with the subject line “CB Passive Income Elite Bonus” and I'll send you these bonuses right away

Looking forward to seeing you inside the CB Passive Income Elite System…

Also let me know in the comment section down below why you want to make money online and how you first came interested in making money online! I'd love to hear your stories and experiences

11 Replies to “Welcome to my honest CB Passive Income Elite System Review!”

  1. First time I have heard of this product which seems to be a good investment although a bit pricy. Also with the cons which are this platform is not suited for all niches but if it is in your niche and you have the monies then I would say go for it and give it a try.

  2. Interesting enough to see this here and very much worthy to see. In all honesty, what you have shared here as review of this vlcb passive income is very worthy due to the unbiasedness in your approach. For a start, I think I can get into this because of the credence given to the creator. It would be an interesting one to learn under such a self made millionaire

  3. It is wonderful to hear more and learn about the CB Elite passive income system. I have been searching the internet for a long time for useful information, trusted companies and platforms where I can earn something more online. Your review is really completely honest and I appreciate your opinion.

  4. This is my first time I have heard of this product which seems to be a good investment. After reading your review and weighing the pros and cons of CB passive income elite system like you have mentioned, I think it’s indeed a great way to earn money or rather, let your money work for you. I also totally agree with you that it is one with a will to act that can benefit from it

  5. Hello there, thanks for sharing your thought on CB passive income elite system. I have seen so many reviews of different sources of income that are related to click bank.  But hardly any go in depth as you have.  Thank you for sharing and I will definitely will be looking into the program. Cheers!

  6. This sounds like a good program, based on what I read in your article. Although it doesn’t fit my current niche, I might take a closer look–maybe it’s time to start another niche site to encompass this product. The money making niche is one I believe is ever increasing.

    I do wonder if this product will become over populated–that more people will begin selling and maybe devalue it over time. But then, the higher price point might help deflect some of that.

    This is definitely a program to look into. Thanks for the very detailed review.

  7. Hello There! Thank you very much for sharing this with me. Although paying $497 isn’t an easy task at all but I will give it a try in as much as with the 4 secret web-pages, they will each have  its own offer/product to be given away in order to persuade my website visitors to subscribe to your list.

    I will Like to pay the one time payment so I will sign in immediately I get to.

  8. For those in the internet marketing niche, this is a very solid system to learn and earn. The developer of the system has a solid track record of success and given the wealth of content in the program, the price is very fair. Thanks for explaining this to us.

    1. Hey Maxo, I understand where you are coming from. I actually put together a crash course inside my facebook group on how to start with affiliate marketing which addresses all your concerns. You can join my group (Wealthy Titans) and have access to this exclusive course for free.


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