What is a Good keyword tool?

Now when we are looking at qualities that make up a good keyword tool we must consider two extremely important factors.

First:  We must look into what we want out of the keyword tool.  There is no point of having a keyword tool that is expensive and has extra services we don't need if we can find another keyword tool that has the services we are a looking for at a lower price point.  In short, we must know the exact purpose of the keyword tool.  Whether it would be just for searching for traffic or if we want to deconstruct a competitors SEO strategy and learn what keywords they used.  These are the ends of two very different spectrums.

Second: Knowing how they sample their sample sizes.  Essentially, we will want to know where exactly our research tool is drawing it's data from.  There is no point having a keyword tool if it isn't reliable and doesn't reflect the true volume of traffic that the site engines optimise.


How to determine the quality of a keyword tool?

One easy solution to this problem is to try different keyword tools and if both of the keyword tools you use have similar results then you know you can trust that tool.  However, if the results differ by a wide margin then you shouldn't trust either one and keep on searching until you find a quality keyword tool that works for you.  Now, I have introduced my two favorite quality keyword tools that I know will make an impact on your rankings for google and other search engines.  From basic and simple, to detailed and analytical.


1. Jaaxy

SEO optimization and Jaaxy, keyword research tool

Jaaxy is one of the most powerful keyword research tools in its industry.   If you are looking for something that is simple and easy to use then this is for you.  It has all the basics if that is all you want to use it for; however, it also has the option to help you choose strong keywords for domain names as well as article writing.  The great thing about this program is that it gets all it's information from all of the three big search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).  If you are looking to create a niche site then you should consider this tool.

2.  Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool
Wealthy Affiliate, supporting, growing and innovating

This keyword tool may not be too fancy; however, if you are looking for a tool that is reliable and simple to use then look no further.  With the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool it not only helps you with basic SEO it also allows you to determine how powerful a keyword will be when writing an article or blog.


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