Ok so you want to know what is a no follow link and how it works. Well a no follow link is essentially a link that you do not want search engines like Google  to pay attention to and index.  In other words, you want this link to have no impact whatsoever on your websites authority for ranking within search engines…

You can kind of think a no follow link like a spy.  The spy doesn’t want to stand out and draw negative attention but instead blend into the surroundings and go unnoticed.  The same concept is with the no follow link.

When should you use a nofollow link?

Well nofollow links are useful within certain situations

  1. Pointing to affiliate Links: If you have too many affiliate links pointing to outside affiliate programs search engines will penalize your ranking because your site will be seen as a spam site in the eyes of Google so by using a no follow link you don’t have to worry about your hard earned ranking in Google being penalized.
  2. Pointing to other people’s websites: Likewise, if someone posts on your website as a guest poster for example but you don’t know what kind of person/website they have then using a nofollow link will make sure that your website won’t be associated with theirs and your ranking and the other person’s ranking won’t be affected in a negative or positive way. 

The big sites like Youtube, Quora, Reddit all use nofollow links in order to make sure that they don’t endorse any site that they don’t want to so they won’t be penalised by the search engines.

It’s kind of like if you are with a group of friends that look ganster.  You know what I’m talking about, with their pants down to their waist, baggy clothes, speaking in slang and having a bad taste in tattoos.  Even if you are wearing a suit, clean shaven and look professional,  if you are around those people that look ganster then you will automatically be associated with them even if you don’t want to be seen in that way. Which will cause people to be afraid of you, police to follow you and neighbours to spy on you…

The moral is if in doubt use a no follow link. Because just like with people it’s all about which websites you are associated with

3. Paying for links.  For example, if you pay for links you want to be transparent because if you lie and Google finds out about it, your website is going to get penalized hard and fast. So if you are paying to guest post or paying websites to sponsor your post/offer on their website you want to be honest or else face the wrath of the search engine gods.

When Shouldn’t You Use Nofollow Links?

Now there are different situations when you should not use nofollow links but here are the two main ones that occur…

  1. Linking to other pages or posts on your own website: If you are linking to other content articles within your site then there is no reason to do a no follow link.   Because it’s your own link and website that you are linking to it would be silly to tell the search engines that “Hey I don’t trust my own website”.  It’s like if you run a bakery and tell your customers that you don’t actually trust your own brand… Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.
  2. Want to share the love: What I mean by this is that if you trust the other website that you are dealing with then by not using a no follow link you are allowing your page rank authority to transfer to the other person’s website. 

It’s like if you were Bill Gates and endorsed another person’s software.  Just by endorsing it you are giving and telling others that this person’s software is great and that it is so great that I’m putting my reputation on the line for it because that’s how much I trust and believe in this other person’s software.

Difference between  nofollow links and noindex links. 

The difference is that with a  no follow link that search engines will just not track that particular link; however, with a noindex link that means that Google and other search engines won’t index that entire page not just a certain link that you don’t want google to find.

For example, if I just finished writing a page on my website about a fanfiction between Harry Potter and Dr. Who but I don’t want other people to be able to find this page on any search engine then I would use a no index link.

However, let’s say that I want other people to find my fan fiction within the search engines and inside my page I have an affiliate link pointing to a t-shirt site dedicated to making fan fiction shirts.  Well in this case I would want to use a no follow link because I want Google to rank my page but I don’t want my ranking to be negatively impacted by my affiliate link.


No follow links are great in protecting your websites authority and trust in the eyes of the different search engines.  So if you are looking to protect your website from being associated with scammy, shady sites then you make sure you use no follow links.  Now you can do this manually if you are somewhat familiar with coding, but if you don’t want to take the time to learn and want to instantly created no follow links to protect your website then I recommend using Pretty Links.

Pretty links is a link shortener that allows you to not only make your links look trustworthy by changing messy and scammy looking links like this one and transforms them into short and sweet trustyworthy links that people actually trust. Not only this but Pretty Links also lets you instantly create no follow links without you having to code or put in any additional effort on your part. 

You can check out Pretty Links here and yes, this link is a no follow link that was created with Pretty Links…

Finally, let me know what your opinions are about nofollow links and if there is anything you would like to add then please tell me in the comment section down below.

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