What is a SEO Backlink?

Essentially a SEO Backlinks are simply when we post on other sources that links back to our website.  This is one of the easiest ways to gain traffic for free; however, we must be careful where we choose to post these backlinks, for not all of them are created equal.

Beware of Google

Just like people, some are good, some are bad and some are just all right.  However, if we think of backlinks like people, then Google would be the police, chasing down any bad backlinks and penalizing them.  This is not something you want to happen as it can affect your ranking on Google.  Just like in your content, make sure that it is consists of quality not quantity.  Now that you are aware that not all backlinks are created equal here are some qualities that a good backlink should have.

What Makes a Good Backlink?

This answer will very slightly depending on who you ask; however, here is a general list of what a quality backlink should consist of.  Don’t worry if your backlink doesn’t meet all of these standards, as long as you are gaining traffic using at least some of these checkpoints then you will still be all right.

  1. From a relevant source

Now, what do I mean by a relevant source, I mean a source that has a clear message which is in line with what your website is about.  You would waste your time if you posted a backlink to a site where the focus was on weightlifting if your website is about sweets.  Making sure that your audience is the correct one will play a big part on how well your backlink will be received.

  1. From a trusted source

You want to make sure that the site that you are posting on is an authority site and reputable.  It would be extremely counterproductive if the site you were posting on has been known for scamming people or not delivering valid information. By association this would negatively impact your websites reputation.  So always do your research before taking action.

  1. Sends Traffic

Making sure the website is reputable is important for your reputation; however, what is equally important is making sure that the site where you are posting has a good amount of traffic.  We could create a fantastic backlink and still have it fall flat because of how small the amount of traffic is on the hosting site.

  1. On a page with PageRank

This goes hand in hand with the last point.  Making sure that the website you are posting on is indeed an authority site you can check the details of the site by using PageRank.  PageRank allows the user to see how much traffic the website is getting as well as other qualities related to the S.E.O.  Essentially, this allows you to verify that one, the website is established and not fake and two allows you to see what kind of demographic that website is drawing in.

  1. From a Different Source to Your Existing Backlinks

You might already have backlinks in place using your twitter, facebook or Pininterest accounts; however, just like in stocks diversity is better.  Having different high quality backlinks stemming from different sources allows you to have room to expand and reach a wider audience.  Point being, DON’T LIMIT YOUR OPTIONS!

  1. Not Reciprocal

Now the entire point of backlinks is to gain more traffic to your website.  It would be counter intuitive if we were to post backlinks from the same source to your website.  When you are first beginning you want to keep the cost of customer acquisition down while you are building your audience.


  1. Few Other Backlinks On the Page

I’m sure we have all experienced this before, going to page which screams advertisement and self-promotion.  While growing and expanding your brand and products is of course important, it is far more important to give quality links and quality content.  So when we are looking to use backlinks make sure that there isn’t already a sea of links on the same page as you will only get lost in it…..

  1. Don’t Pay for Them

Now of course you can ask other to link back to your website; however, without an incentive, few people will.  Now there is an alternative to this.  By providing a financial incentive you have a greater chance of having that person link back to your website.  This being said there are TWO things you should keep in mind if you want to go this route.

First: Google likes you to get your website organically; however, if you do decide to pay for backlinks and Google find out there could very well be severe consequences for you.  On that note, you can also have some great traffic BECAUSE of these backlinks.  If you want to take the risk that is up to you.

Second: If you are paying for a backlink make sure it is a high quality backlink.  There is absolutely no point in having low quality backlinks that waste both your time and resources.  There is a learning curve to this so don’t be discouraged if you don’t figure out the differences right away.


Just to recap, what is a SEO backlink? Overall an SEO backlink is a link that is connected to your site.  Be sure to make sure that your backlinks are of high quality, are relevent, are connected to an established authority site and of course that it links back to your High Quality content.  Finding the correct keywords will be extremely important in the execution of your backlinks; therefore, I recommend using Jaaxy as your keyword tool.  It not only displays relevant keywords it also can deconstruct your competitors website so you can know what keywords they used to rank in search engines.

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