What is Bing Ads

What is Bing Ads About?


I’m sure we have all heard about Google ads when it comes to PPC (Pay Per Click); however, what if there was another option that had more relaxed regulations and less competition?  Well it isn’t a dream, it is a reality with Bing Ads.  Which is why I love it.

Bing Ads is the same concept as Google Ads; however, it controls less of the market share.  While Google controls the majority of the market share Bing controls only 30%.  Now why should you use Bing Ads if they only control 30% of the market?  Well due to this the majority of people overlook Bing and opting for Google.  This means that if you utilize Bing Ads effectively then you can rank and get displayed on the first page of Bing easier and at a cheaper price then you would for the same keywords on Google Ads.


Did we mention that Bing controls 30% of the market share?  Well this is an important factor as you not only get to use Bing’s search engine but it also includes Yahoo as well.  This means you get to display your content on not just one but two search engines at a generally lower cost than Google!


Why should you care about Bing?


Well if you are just starting off in the world of PPC then Bing is a better bet to test as you generally pay less and your campaigns are more likely to be approved.  So while Google is extremely strict with what links you use and where they go, Bing is more relaxed and doesn’t care if you want to link your ad with an affiliate link for example.

Remember, just because most people overlook this opportunity doesn’t mean you have to.  Look for the opportunities that everyone else overlooks.  This not only goes for PPC but also for organic traffic as well.  Everyone always indexes their content to Google; however, only a small portion will also try to index it on Bing as they believe that it won’t help their organic traffic.  To that I say why put your eggs all in one basket?  If you have the opportunity to share your content with even more people by using different search engines then it is only to your advantage to do so.   Don’t get blinded by the search engine that is Google.  Work smart and spread your content out among different sources of traffic to reach a wider audience.  Want to learn about SEO and the best way to do it?  Then click here to learn how.

How Bing Ads are Different From Google Ads

So we have talked in general about the differences between Bing ads and Google ads; however, when it comes down to creating a campaign what is fundamentally different between the two?



bing vs google

While Bing ads  and Google Ads let you set a monthly budget for your campaigns Google Ads don’t allow you to increase your bid on an individual level, they only allow you to change your bid on the campaign level.   For example, let’s say you know that your target audience is between 18-24 years old and live in Boston.  With Bing Ads you can set it so you can increase or decrease your bid automatically during that time so you have a wider reach.


So Bing allows more transparency in order to make sure you can maximize your results.  In addition to running your ads they will show you which sites are doing well so you can get rid of the ones that perform poorly.

Third- Segmentation

bing ads vs google adwords

So while you can opt out on search partners with both Bing and Google, Bing allows you to exclude only certain partners so you have more control of what platform you are targeting.  While with Google it is an all or nothing situation. So you either will show up with Google and its partners or just on Google….

So why might Bing be a better choice?

Ok, so now that we know the key differences between them.  The next step is finding out why we might use Bing over Google.  So here are five benefits why you should use Bing over Google.

     Cheaper PPC

That is right, bidding on the same keyword you will have  a cheaper PPC rate on average.  We have reviewed case studies and in the majority of them the Bing Campaigns come out cheaper.  So the next time you want to save money think Bing Ads.

    Targeting Location

Like we mentioned before, Bing allows you even more detailed targeting.  In fact they take it one step further by allowing you the option of choosing your language, country and cities.  So if you know the majority of your audience comes from New York then you can actually increase your bid to people living in New York so they are more likely to be a quality lead.

     Source Control

advanced bing ads settings

Now lets say that you find that you are getting a pretty good click through rate from Yahoo for a good price; however, on one of its partners (MSN for example) you are getting hit for $90 for your click through rate! That is insane! Luckily, with Bing you can see how your sources are performing and you can even exclude them individually if you want.  This way it allows you to keep your good quality traffic and cut the rest.

     Variant Choice

bing keyword matching options

Unfortunately, Google did away with  exact phrase match and instead you were left with having to go with a close variant.  Essentially, if someone misspelled or if something was pluralised your campaign would show up.  You didn’t have a choice in this matter; however, with Bing that option is still there….but it is your choice whether or not you want to use it.

   Targeting Demographics

bing ads vs google ads demographics

So with Bing you can target age, gender, location not only on the campaign level but also on an individual level as well.  That means that if you wan't to exclude a certain group from viewing your ad then you can!



Ok so now that you have done your research and you are finally ready to try out PPC marketing on Bing there are only two question that remains.  First, which keywords should you target?   For keywords, I recommend using Jaaxy as it one of the best keyword tools online today.  If you want to know more about keyword tools  and how to use them click here. Second, how do you create a successful campaign?  Well fear not, as we will help you set up your first campaign.  Click here if you want to get our secret report about how to create your first successful Bing Campaign using Bing Ads.

Comment below on your experiences with Bing and how they have helped you! Happy Marketing!

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