Boosting a Facebook Posts

Benefits of boosting a Facebook post


When you boost your Facebook post you are reaching out to wider audience who is interested in what you have to say.  Because of this they will often like or comment on post which will create a sense of authority and discussion.


No matter what topic you want your readers to engage in the most important thing to have is discussion.  In doing so you are able to really fuel the passion inside your readers.  So by listening to their thoughts and opinions you can direct them to even more valuable information and insight that you have to offer.


Think about this for a second, you see a sponsored post on your page which has over 1500 views and over 100 comments.  In the readers minds they think this shows that what you are offering is a quality product or service due to the sheer number of other people engaging in your content.  So don’t forget to connect with your audience as it is always worth your time.



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Not only does boosting your Facebook page allow you to engage with your audience but it also helps to establish a brand.  For example, let’s say you are boosting a post about how to lose weight.  If the readers feel that you provided quality information then they will seek you out because they trust you.  Whether it would be going to your fan page or even searching your brand name on google; there is no disadvantage to having an established brand.


This is how all the greatest companies started, by creating a quality product and letting their customers share their experiences by word of mouth.  You can do the exact same thing that they can and establish a quality brand.


Don’t forget when you set up your fan page you should always create a logo for your brand in order for people to associate a positive association with it.  This way you can also diversify your brand if you want to establish yourself on Youtube, Twitter or any other social media outlet.  Because of brand recognition people will be more trusting which gives you the opportunity to promote yourself on even more platforms.




Ok, so now that you have reached thousands of people thanks to your boost every single person will definitely click on your link, right?  Unfortunately, that is not the norm and you shouldn’t expect it.


People on Facebook get bombarded by advertisements everyday on their news feed.  What you need to keep in mind when boosting a post is realizing that it is a numbers game.


numbersYou can have the best content in the world in your link but if no one clicks it then no one will know how fantastic and helpful your article is.  It is like dating, you set your preferences (what you are looking for) then you follow up what works and keep on going.  Well just like dating you have to do the same thing if you want people to convert on your site.  Find out what combination of pictures and text work and go from there.  On average the  conversion rate will most likely be around 5%.  So if you were to reach one hundred people then only around 5 people would convert.  So just keep that in mind as you move forward.






Choosing your audience

Ok, so now that you are serious about this boost it is time to choose your audience.  When choosing your audience here are three important things to keep in mind.


Number One

How you want to target people

Now, when I say target people I don’t mean like you want to get rid of them, I mean that you want to be on point ensuring that they are the ones you want to view your content.


So when boosting a Facebook post you have three different options.

Option 1:

Target friends of your family and friends.

Psychology shows us that even though we might not directly know a person if we have a common connection with them (Like having the same friend) then we are more open and trusting just because of that connection.  So by targeting friends of family and friends we have a better chance that they will click through PROVIDING the content is something they are interested in.


Option 2:

Creating a new audience based on interests and demographics

I honestly prefer this method due to the fact that you can ensure that the people you are reaching actually want to hear about what you want to say.  From the Facebook Ads menu you can choose what interests you want to target all the way to what country they are from and what language they speak.  The great thing about this tool as well is that you can exclude certain people to further ensure that you are targeting the correct audience.


Option 3

People Who Like Your Page

Now this option is nice if you want to drive the importance of your new content; however, you are just reaching the same people who are already interested in your content so it can be quite redundant.  This option is best used if you want to reach your fan base and really draw attention to an important point.


Number Two

The more information the better


Now this point is self-explanatory; however, it does bear repeating.  You want to make sure you choose the right audience.  For example if I am selling adult diapers to seniors I would want to verify what ages I want to target.  I wouldn’t want to target someone who is in their teens or 20’s for this ad as it wouldn’t be relevant to them.  Now how can you get more information about your target audience?  Well you have to look no further then to your own website.  Since your website is already Google Indexed then you already have a wealth of information at your fingertips.  Simply log into your Analytics and then under Geo look at what regions are viewing your website.  Also, you can look under “Demographics” to see what age range you are attracting to your website as well as the gender of the traffic.  Just put that information into your Facebook Boosting post and then you are practically guaranteed to target the right audience.  If you don't have enough traffic to your website yet to get any useful information then check out my article on how to rank in Google


Great Job! Now that all is left to do is to start your boost!


Now, the final question remains.


Should you link directly to your affiliate link?

Now the short answer is no. You always want to confirm why your audience should listen to you and therefore you should provide something extra that your affiliate link can’t.   I am referring of course to your unique and quality content.    So by linking your post to your article you reaffirm why your audience was correct in deciding to take a look at your product or service.  The human mind works in interesting ways.  By asking for a favour (in this case it would be looking at our facebook post) people actually become more interested and establish a better quality relationship with that individual. This is because we believe we wouldn’t be doing something that we might or might not want to do if we didn’t like that person.  So this turns into our own self-justification and we will continue to follow the directions of the other person no matter how small of a favour it is.  So the moral is to keep giving your audience small directions and they will follow you.  This is why a call to action is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT; however, it is often overlooked, so don’t make that mistakes that 90% of others make.


So now you might not want to go this route if you already understand your audiences buying mind.  That is to say if you know they are willing and able to buy then buy all means go for it!  The downside is that you won’t be able to get them on your email list to send them further updates or promotions down the line.  So if you are looking for a quick payday then by all means use your affiliate link directly; however, if you are in it for the long term them send them to your landing page first.

What kind of experiences did you have using Facebook Boost? Comment below and share your story.











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